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I sometimes ask myself the same question ironclad Send a noteboard - 11/05/2013 12:01:37 PM

I would never call myself Trekkie.

My history started sometime in the 80s, and I remember watching a couple of TOS episodes as a kid, but never really got into them or ever went back to revisit.

In 1990 TNG came out over here and I loved it more with season. Data is one of my favorite TV characters ever. Same goes for DS9, which may be one of my top 5 shows ever. Voyager had some great episodes but also a lot of wasted opportunities. Enterprise had one of the best Trek seasons ever (4th, I think), but also a lot of hot air.

I enjoyed the TNG crew movies, and some of the original crew's (4 and 6), too. I didn't get to watch the movies 1-3 until recently and can't believe they are viewed as such a high standard. Found them dull, uninteresting and unintentionally funny. Maybe it's one of the cases where the perception entirely depends on when you originally saw them.

Liked the shit out of the two new films.

So yeah, no Trekkie here either, but I really enjoy this universe, its lore and characters.


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