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Recently discovered Dr Horrible *possible spoilers* Yunalesca Send a noteboard - 24/06/2013 07:41:07 PM

And I have a question that I'm not sure has been answered by Word of God.

Was there Wonderflonium in the Death Ray as well as the Freeze Ray? I feel like there wasn't and the "do not bounce" warning was a red herring. Is this correct?

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Recently discovered Dr Horrible *possible spoilers* - 24/06/2013 07:41:07 PM 724 Views
sounds right but i hadn't given it much thought. - 25/06/2013 05:21:08 AM 357 Views
It's not said. Makes sense, though - 25/06/2013 05:07:42 PM 452 Views
No it isn't - 25/06/2013 05:10:33 PM 492 Views

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