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Fully aware of the silliness of someone shrinking down to insect size while remaining a threat to human beings, the last Marvel film of phase 2 decides to just have fun with the concept. Especially the showdown is making great use of the possibilities of people shrinking and growing back to size within seconds. While that makes for one of the smallest end fights in movie history when it comes to scale, it's also one of the funnest.

The film also neatly ties itself into the existing Marvel universe, again showing the benefit of such a well-established world, where characters can just appear and be instantly recognized.

Rudd's charm makes for a great scoundrel type protagonist but Michael Pena steals even more humorous scenes. Michael Douglas is still a wonderful presence for every film he's in and thankfully has plenty of scenes in the mentor role.

Certainly, the plot follows the rules of the "unlikely hero gets convinced and trained to become something more"-trope without much surprises. But once again, Marvel covers a new genre here: the classic heist film, particularly its latest "Oceans eleven" incarnation. At the same time we are entering a level of weirdness here that shows that space, Nordic Gods and WW2 history were not the ultimate frontiers. There is still a lot of ground to cover for Marvel super heroes. And as long as they make it seem so natural, easy and entertaining they can go on for a lot longer.

8 out of 10 dog-sized ants


You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
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