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View original postMoiraine is rock bottom at 66(54). There are 66 levels for women and 6 more on top for men. This was stated wrong in the OP article, but deducible from the other strengths given and the obvious connection to the numerology of linking.

Talk about shoddy editing... I'm absolutely appalled.

If Moiraine is rock bottom that would make her as strong as Morgase, who is not actually a functional channeler i.e. spending all day trying to move a scarf. It's also likely that someone like Morgase can't even use an angreal, though Moiraine claimed she could.

It's more likely Moiraine can channel effectively but weakly, like Sorilea... but I digress. It seems like any sort of previously organized system died with the author.

No, it's just an inconsistency in the OP entry. The system itself is 100% cohesive in the notes. (There are a few inconsistencies but they aren't structural.) And maybe Team Jordan saw something in the notes that we didn't, but I tend to doubt it in this particular case. I was concerned until they posted Serafelle's entry and it was clear that they were literally copying the power levels exactly as they appeared in the notes.

Moiraine's strength is given in the notes. Sorilea's strength was still under consideration in the notes that we saw; he gave a range of strengths for her. We couldn't find a strength for Morgase but her strength was implied to be 57(45) or slightly higher because this is the point where the ability to lift anything with the Power drops to a feather. That was in the COT-KOD notes (roughly; the notes aren't clearly delineated like that).

Linked below is a spreadsheet I made for a friend a while back, based on a list that Dom and I (mostly Dom) made last year (which is slightly more detailed with references). This is kind of a half-assed job but it should be a fair representation of power levels in RJ's notes. (We couldn't consult the big Aes Sedai bio file, but there was a ton of cross-referencing so it didn't matter much.) I made the spreadsheet before the Companion came out and I haven't edited it since except to remove a couple of notes I had made that are irrelevant now.

I don't know why you would think Morgase wouldn't be able to use an angreal, other than the fact that her weakness prevented her from being fully trained. Moiraine doesn't have that problem. She would be a functional non-channeler without the sa'angreal, but she has years of training and experience behind her.

I would say it's possible that Moiraine is not rock-bottom if not for the fact that Morgase and Sorilea are both clearly above her. That's what made us so sure that the connection to the linking numerology was intentional; if Moiraine is really weaker than Sorilea and Morgase, then power levels below her shouldn't be worth mentioning. And 66 is a nice, familiar number. Only 3 ++ male levels were given in the notes we saw (partial Forsaken list), but since Ishamael was ++1 it was clear that these numbers were descending, ++ because they were above the female scale, and RJ had always hinted that there were only a few male levels above Lanfear. So why not 6 levels above the 66?

Keep in mind we had to figure out how the system worked on our own, and no doubt Team Jordan had to do the same. There was no communication on this; they did their thing and we did ours. It took us about a week to get a really good grip on how the system worked, but once we did it all made sense.

strength levels from RJ's notes
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