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Re: Does anyone remember the old newsgroups? LTArmstrong Send a noteboard - 03/09/2009 10:52:15 PM
I was thinking back about how I'll miss wotmania and how I ended up finding it. At first, the only place I found that had anything on WoT was an Alt newsgroup. It was fun to read at first, and then a few people would flame anyone for disagreeing with them. It was about that time that I found wotmania and realized there were cool folks out there talking about WoT. That site helped me see/read a lot of things I missed while reading on my own. Our collective wisdom shed a lot of light on the subject and probably made RJ sweat the details even more.

I will come to this site looking for the same insight that I gained from the old site. I really liked the community there and I hope it follows to here.

Thanks for taking up the WoT torch.

I started following that group back in 1995, with a dial up modem and a .75 Gig Pentum 1 computer that was hot at the time.
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