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I don't think that's enough, though. Aemon Send a noteboard - 04/09/2009 06:52:43 PM
The ages I wasn't sure about, but I do not think the first age was our age. Because they had magic, and we don't. And ogier and other things. From what we saw through Rand's eyes the descriptions make no sense even if you have never seen vehicles like helicopters etc. It is in the future, but I cannot see how this would be earth in the future without some kind of cataclysm to end wars and mutations to gain powers. This would be such a huge event it must have been an end of an age.

Ever heard the quote, "Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic?" That could easily be the case here. You don't need mutations to gain powers, you just need genetic engineering, or some other similar technology that's even more advanced. Obviously we have no current technology that would explain the One Power, but we DO have the beginnings of thought controlled devices. It's not implausible to think that humans could control powers with their minds. The only question is what sort of powers they're tapping into.
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