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Well, you leave out the related article, and doctors' arguments... Ignator - 29/01/2003 07:48:50 PM

Personally I find it rather amusing. Not the intialing of the organ, but instead the reaction.

As for the uterus, it is sort-of immature, but it does not affect anything. Anything at all, so if the doctor enjoys it, I don't see why not. It was, however, likely that others would react the same way, and he should have tried to avoid the chance of getting sued.

The reaction, though was rather funny. I have never seen such anger over something that did not mater.

"It was a mockery to my body. This was an organ that created my two beautiful children, and I wanted it discarded with respect. And it wasn't. It was used as a toy in the operating room without my consent."

This, itself, is rather overexagerated. I can see people wanting dead relatives to be treated respectfully, as they had had a connection to the person in life. I can see people burying dead pets with respect, but not as strongly as the relatives. They too had an emotion connection to the owner. The list goes on, but a temorary organ? I mean, what kind of person forms a strong emotional bond with thier uterus?

"So I felt as though I was an insignificant person. I question, would he have done this to the governor's wife or someone of great importance?"

I could perhaps see slight anger, but feeling insignificant? I, for the life of me, could not figure out why. And to the second question, probably yes.

"It has affected my marriage and my children. Even my children today are offended by just looking at a UK sign."

Affected the marraiage? How? Perhaps... Nevermind; I still can't think of a reason. Help?

And how would it affect the children? (I would guess the children were born recently.) Or did they learn about childbirth alot younger then I did?

Besides, from different sites:

(I can not say wether or not they are true, but...)

"The uterus-branding doctor from Lexington, Kentucky, J. Michael Guiler, has ended his silence and offered an explanation for his actions: the markings were for orientation purposes due to the limited view during the laparoscopic-assisted vaginal/Doderlein hysterectomy. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, one doctor from the University of Louisville said it would have been malpractice not to make similar markings for orientation purposes."

"The surgeon is now claiming that he used the initials only to divide the uterus in half from left to right and top to bottom."

Or, explained in different words:

To end, perhaps it is not funny; I feel sorry for the doctor.

Ignator Asha'man

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
-Isaac Asimov

The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills

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