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I feel like I'm beating a dead horse... daemon1313 - 30/01/2003 05:25:04 AM

Riiiiiiight. I am a big alumni supporter of my alma mater, with both my time and my disposable income. There are lots of socially acceptable ways in which one can express one's school spirit. Couldn't he just as easily have marked the hemispheres with "R" and "L" to 'maintain his orientation'? Yes. But he thinks it is funny, cute, clever, whatever, to use the initials of his favorite school. I disagree, and as I said in my original response, I wouldn't sue him over it...I would just find another doctor whose values were more in line with my own.

Assuming, of course, that my HMO let me

The point is the organ had to marked some way in order for him to get proper orientation durring surgery. Whatever he used to mark the organ didn't matter. It just happened that he uses "UK." Obviously he didn't think he was being cute or funny. He's done it on multiple organs, it's part of procedure. Think how often you use the symbol "X" to mark a spot. Why do you use it? Because it's convient and why shouldn't you? Think of other symbols you use in your every day life. Why do you use them? What is the point of using a bookmark to mark your position in a book? Is it a bit cute? How dare you use a bookmark to hold your position in a book.

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