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If you ain't part of the solution... The Wandering Wolf - 29/01/2003 08:09:19 PM

You're part of the problem. We've all heard this quote before. I liked the above post. It's not saying we cannot change. Everything can be improved. Those who whine and do nothing are those that I think the post is talking about. It's all well and good to criticize the society we live in, but if you're criticizing without pushing for change, then shut the hell up.

It is important to note though, that good protection, technology, medical care, etc. do not guarantee a good system of (fill in the blanks here). I am being the devil's advocate, but then that is what I do best... question much that is around me. Nothing is perfect. It is in the very nature of people who live in the US to question and push for change and also to be independent. It was those qualities that started this nation in the first place.

Last comment- I personally don't see the system as feeding me- that is a small point, but I do work and purchase all of my food and shelter (rent :p). I also pay for healthcare, with matching funds from my employer. I like that we have the option to have these choices available. Choices, as much as anything else, are the US's greatest resource. We must not forget that. We have the choice to accept what we have, to accept the way things are, and to enjoy where we live. But we also have the choice to change it if neccessary.

Let us never give up our right to choose.

The Wandering Wolf

Not all those who wander are lost.

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