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Re: What you talk of sounds kind of like a revolution Xoe - 30/01/2003 05:58:12 PM

Complaining does something. I've complained and had things fixed. If many complain about a policy etc. than it (in a perfect system) is also addressed.

Complaining is selfish. All it means is that you want someone else to fix your problems wihtout you bothering to do anything about it.

This, of course, is assuming the complaint is reasonable. If it isn't then few people will echo the complaint. But what does it matter that these uninformed whinings are made? If one good point is made it should be worth your trouble. Or, if you refuse to listen, someone else.

So, the point is to complain until you annoy someone enough to get it done? Doesn't that take more effort than just doing it in the first place?

Also, I don't believe that if they have one good point it's worht the trouble to listen to them. If they have a good point, they should state it witout all the other non-valid complaining.

It's when complaints of the masses are ignored that common people should have to force the change. When the government they elected stop serving the people's will. Lots of people do have personal matters to attend to before they decide to organise a coup or a rally. Those who wish to be 'hands on' can be, but those who simply wish to voice concerns (however stupid) should be allowed to do so.

Obviously, if there is a complaint large enough that the "masses" are complaining, then there's something wrong. But, in America, we have a way to proactively voice our concerns - the voting booth.

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