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Re: Shut the Hell Up Xoe - 30/01/2003 12:46:18 PM

I for one think that ideas (bitching if neccesary) should never be brought down or ridiculed. I do not care if someone says they are so fed up with society that it would be a good idea to hunt Humans. Thoughts should never be looked down upon, and thoughts sometimes become words. I try not to think of myself as right, righteous, or any better than anyone else, and neither should you.

I don't look at myself as more righteous. First of all, not all ideas have merit. That's pretty simple, and the mark of intelligence. When someone can distinguish real ideas from meaningless ideas, then advancement happens. If everyone acted on every idea that anyone had, you would have complete chaos and a completely horrible place to live.

No, ideas that are heartfelt should not be dismissed without being heard, but people who vent their feelings without doing any research or learning anything about it before hand, and then present it as fact should really shut up. If they are serious about getting heard, then they need to have some persuasive evidence to convince other people.

If everyone just "shut the hell up", absolutely nothing new would ever happen and the race would become stupid, lacking ideas and questions that should be asked.

No, if people shut up more ideas would probably be generated. It has nearly always been the one or two great thinkers who change the course of history, and they are too busy changing it to talk about it (Guttenberg, Eddison, Einstein). Those who spend all their time talking rarely get anything done.

:: I am the speaker at the dawn of the age
:: and I stand at the door to the west.


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