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Re: Its a survey. Take it. jh - 18/01/2003 08:31:21 AM

Part I:

1) How are you today? Feel free to whine and complain.

feeling okay, got way too much sleep as usual though.

2) Is it cold where you live? Snow?

Cold yes, but the snow is gone...

3) Do you like snow? And should you move to somewhere with snow?

No. And whyever would one want to do that?

4) Are you in school?

uni, but I guess that's similar enough.

6) If you could pick only one other WoTManiac… who would you dedicate your life to driving insane?

heh. well... dunno really, depends on how "driving insane" is meant

Part II:

Since I have had the chance to see a few new movies at school, some that I have really liked, I seek opinions from others about the movies. I just what you thought about the movies if you have seen them. This may be primarily for Americans, though.

1) Devil’s Advocate

not seen.

2) Minority Report

Good movie. Of course, it had logical holes the size of jumbojets, but...

3) Life of Brian

One of film history's greatest successes. I could spend hours just quoting this one.

4) Catch Me if You Can

not seen.

5) Reign of Fire

One of the worst movies I've seen. They could at least have tried to have a script...

6) Dogma

Now we're talking. Kevin Smith is good. However, this one brings up the philosophies in a less than sophisticated way... clerks is better, when they balance the philosophies with examples from star wars.

7) Braveheart

I hated this movie. I guess it's part the head actor, who can't act worth... *beep*. Not so much wrong with the story, but it got very cheesy at times.

The Bourne Identity

didn't see this one yet either...

Part III:

1) Have you played the computer game: Skyroads?


2) Digger?


3) Scorched Earth?

no (or maybe I have... can't remember)

4) If you were convicted of a crime with no hope of being released, would you prefer to spend a life in prison or be killed? (Yes you were guilty)

I'd spend my life in prison. I am not a quitter.

5) If you had to pick one number to represent the Earth, not the Universe, what would you chose? (Other than 42)


6) I am running out of ideas, so ask yourself question and answer it.

adgbioahdgi? ojndgpojsng!

That’s it for now. Rejoice, For it is over.


I mean you harm.

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