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ok Queen_of_Borg - 18/01/2003 10:39:43 AM

Lets see… Seeing as I have not posted recently, waits for cheers to die down I have posted a survey, so take at your liberty. Remember, if you answer this seriously, I will be forced to hunt you down and laugh at you. Then shoot you.
Part I:

1) How are you today? Feel free to whine and complain.
I'm very happy I've rowed for the first time in like 1,5 months!!!! But of course I'll have to go to school again on monday that takes a bit of the fun away...
2) Is it cold where you live? Snow?
very very cold (not really actually, but hey, complaining is fun ), but no snow
3) Do you like snow? And should you move to somewhere with snow?
Of course I like snow!! Can you send me some? my emailis
4) Are you in school?
not at the moment, but during the week yes i'm afraid...
6) If you could pick only one other WoTManiac… who would you dedicate your life to driving insane?
Uhm, I'm already doing a good job at driving morgawse_sedai insane (we go to the same school)
Part II:

Since I have had the chance to see a few new movies at school, some that I have really liked, I seek opinions from others about the movies. I just what you thought about the movies if you have seen them. This may be primarily for Americans, though.
I'm Dutch, but I'll answer anyway
1) Devil’s Advocate
never seen it
2) Minority Report
uh.. isn't that a movie with uhm, what's his name again? oh yes Tom Cruise? I haven't seen it.

3) Life of Brian
I've seen the beginning of it, it was quite funny i think
4) Catch Me if You Can
I don't think that one has been released yet here. It's with Leonardo diCaprio isn't it?
5) Reign of Fire
never seen it

6) Dogma
7) Braveheart
I've seen bit's and pieces of it, but I don't remember much of it...
The Bourne Identity
Part III:

1) Have you played the computer game: Skyroads?
never heard of it
2) Digger?
3) Scorched Earth?
uh, no, I don't often play computer games
4) If you were convicted of a crime with no hope of being released, would you prefer to spend a life in prison or be killed? (Yes you were guilty)
a life in prison, I enjoy life too much to have it taken away from me. But I would cedrtainly hate being imprisoned, I need space around me, so I guess I'd attempt to break out and as a result wouldn't have to live my entire life in prison since I would most certainly succeed in escaping!
5) If you had to pick one number to represent the Earth, not the Universe, what would you chose? (Other than 42)
number 1 of course! Isn't earth the number one planet in the Universe? no it's not, but who cares?
6) I am running out of ideas, so ask yourself question and answer it.
Can you come up with a decent question?
don't think so, but you should take my survey on the Netherlands and the Dutch, there are enough questions in that one.
Oh wait I've thought of a question! What happened to question number 5 in part one? I ate it!
That’s it for now. Rejoice, For it is over.
*rejoices* it wasn't that bad


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