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Korea, Pakistan, India aerocontrols - 19/01/2003 10:06:16 AM

Of course the Iraqi had a nuclear program going, was there anything else to expect? I only wondered if the inspectors would find anything or not.

Hmmm... one thing riddles me to no end though. Why does the US administration ignore North Korea? Because Kim Jong Il is more trustworthy than Sadam who has in the past used WMD against his own people... blah, blah... ?

Korea has or will have before we could militarily strike, a nuclear bomb. We have been nuclearly deterred. The entire point of disarming Hussein is to keep him from doing the same. Thank you for paying attention.

Heck, what about Pakistan and India? They have nuclear weapons. Wait, we'll just let them blow each other up and take what's left...

Here's how I answered this question last week:

I invite you to take a look at the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, signed by a great many nations in the late 60s / early 70s.

You see, in an effort to improve the lives of people in developed countries, the US (and other developed nations) offered nuclear reactor technology to nations that would promise not to use this technology to make weapons of war.

North Korea, Iraq, and Iran were all signatories. They all received nuclear reactor technology in exchange for their promises not to use it to make nukes. Perhaps you think that all these various despots should have nuclear weapons, or you think that the people should just 'do without' electricity that can come from nuclear power, but in the 60s, the developed world came to a different conclusion.

Some nations were unwilling to abide by the terms laid out in the nonproliferation treaty, and thus refused to sign it. This is why Pakistan, Israel, China, India, (and even France) have 'the bomb' and we do little about it. Since they didn't get their technology through deceptive manipulation of the developed world (they developed their technology indpendently, or perhaps they stole it through espionage) there is no enforcement or legal standard under which we can lodge a protest. (You'll find references to Iraq's violations of the Non-proliferation treaty in the relevant UN Security Council decisions)

In short: they lied to us when they received the technology, thus the damage they do with it is by some measure our responsibility. Similar arguments can be made for technology sold that can be used for biological and chemical warfare and the relevant treaties on nonproliferation.

Why is it that Leftists only respect international law when it restrains American interests, I wonder, and have no time for it when it constrains anyone else. Perhaps the US should ally with Saddam again. Then the Left would be upset that he's pursuing nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and they would be eager to find proof of same.

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Signatories to Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

Signatories to Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
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