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There's one more option nUUdleman - 19/01/2003 06:11:24 PM

Based on a documentary-esque show I saw on the History Channel this morning. Simply put, why don't we just assassinate Saddam? The vast majority of Iraq would welcome us in with open arms (initally, at least. Ref: Afghanistan, although that's another matter entirely).

Yes, yes, I'm quite aware that finding him will make looking for a needle in a haystack seem a trifle of a task. And it would require Bush's special permission (thanks to that pansy Gerald Ford who signed an Executive order forbidding the assassination of a foreign leader without express presidential approval, courtesy of the CIA's bungling of attempts to kill Castro), but that shouldn't be too hard to get.

So here's what we do: we all know nothing is ultimately going to come of the inspections but Saddam spouting his filth like a river of untreated sewage. So we leave. And a month later when he comes out of hiding to inspect an army base or give a speech, have a stealth bomber hanging around and drop a 2000lb smartbomb on his ass.

With Saddam nothing more than a fragment of a protein, bring in the ships and drop off the Marines (which should by then include yours truly ), and make like it's 2002 all over again and install a provisional government and all that.

There. War avoided, and the ultimate goal of getting rid of Saddam and opening up the coutry to the mega-corporations of the Exploiting West and their evil and greedy quest for cheap oil achieved, and with a minimum of casualties.

And if we wanted external support on this, just allow the neighboring countries to have a hand in setting up the new government (or maybe not... they're more likely than we to go on a vengeance crusade against the Iraqi people who live some of the most fearful and squalid lives anywhere outside of central Africa).

Of course, it would've been quite simple (and much more cheap) to have supported the Iraqi uprising in 1995 except those panty-waists in DC are terrified of actually making a decision. So the uprising wasn't supported and was of course crushed. The CIA field agent Robert Baer (who was on the show I saw, and also wrote a book titled "See No Evil" about his work in the Middle East and elsewhere where possible) present at the time and his immediate boss firmly believed the uprising would've been successful with US support. Congratulations, America: you stabbed the people of Iraq in the back all in the name of preserving the status quo.

Needless to say, the program did rather kindle a fire under my ass. While I'm quite aware to never believe anything on TV at face value, I've heard similar things from other places over the last few years. So if I've gone on at length about something that's now history, it should at least serve to demonstrate that we should be wary of what already has, or has not, been done.

I firmly believe that a war with Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein is absolutely necessary. If for no other reason than to work towards absolving his human rights abuses. This is about doing the Right Thing, and anyone who allows what currently goes on over there be damned.

Nephew to Alana Son to Geoff Warder to Alesandra Sedai

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Book Description and Review - "See No Evil"

Book Description and Review - "See No Evil"
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