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Adolescence Almost Killed Me. ngallagher - 22/01/2003 12:24:54 PM

You have just passed through the ADOLESCENCE phase of life.

Family life can be very rough during adolescence. Even though your family expects you to take charge of your life, no one wants to let you have the freedom to do what you want.

Judging by your progress through life so far, your family life has been quite good, all things considered. Family members can be pains, but no one seems to mind it when you overhaul your hair for three hours every morning in the bathroom.

Physically you have been not very healthy.

Socially, this phase of life does present its share of problems. Most of these problems fall into the category of girls. Life must have been pretty simple before they showed up. Your social adjustment to this phase of life has been remarkable.
Although you do not have a steady girlfriend at the present time, there's always the next life phase.

Now, regarding your emotional development...

You are a remarkably trustworthy young man. This trait is bound to take you far, emotionally and vocationally. You are developing into the type of adult that people can confide in. Unfortunately, the burden that comes along with this characteristic, is the tendency for people to tell you their problems.

A positive aspect of your adolescence is your ability to resist temptation and not give into your impulses. Since adolescence is a time for testing limits, this can get some people into some pretty dangerous situations. On the other hand, leading too much of a sheltered life can be boring.

You seem to be enjoying most of what you do. Even though you experience "the blues" every once in a while, it's nice to see that you are not having a depressed, traumatized life.

Even though an occasional explosive outburst is common in most adolescents, you seem to have everything well under control. You seem to be sensitive and gentle.

You certainly have a good head on your shoulders. You are not only book-smart, you also have plenty of common sense.

Now that your adolescence is almost over it's time to be hurled out there into the abyss of the REAL WORLD. (I'll bet you didn't know that everything you did so far was part of the fake world.)

Warder to starry_nite

One day.

May I suggest:

one two three four five six nine and ten
money can't buy you back the love that you had then

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