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Middle Adulthood - Hope and Heartache. ngallagher - 22/01/2003 01:46:33 PM

You have just passed through MIDDLE ADULTHOOD.

Your family life has been good.

During this phase of life your body doesn't always respond the way your mind would like it to. A sore back after a hard day's work or sore feet and legs after a long walk are not uncommon. In general, you are not very healthy.
Fortunately, you don't have to worry about drugs or alcohol ruining your health.

Socially you are doing quite well.
Although you do not have a steady partner at the present time, there's always the next life phase, if that is what you are aiming for. If you are lonely, why not try the RELATIONSHIP ICON. Then again being a confirmed bachelor does have its share of rewards.

Now, regarding your emotional and personality development...

You are a very trustworthy person.

Even though we all have our secrets, you are doing a very good job keeping your wilder side under control.

You seemed to have negotiated your "midlife crisis" without becoming depressed.

You can be sensible and understanding.

You are usually cool, calm and collected.

People see you as an extremely wise person. They rely on you often for advice and are pleased with the results they get from interacting with you.

The next phase of life is full of mixed blessings. You may feel old and lonely some days, and cheerful and strong on others. Our society certainly has its share of prejudices against older folks, but you can have rich and rewarding experiences despite this.

You will have your chance to thumb your nose at people who think you are too old to live it up a little. After all, you were doing most of these things (and enjoying them) long before these people were toilet trained.

(I met my wife, I married her, we were happy for a few years, and just when I was thinking about kids ... blam. She dies. And now I'm getting gray hair and threw my shoulder out last year. My health is declining, even though I'm filthy rich from my entrepenurial endeavors. Life is strange.)

Warder to starry_nite

One day.

May I suggest:

one two three four five six nine and ten
money can't buy you back the love that you had then

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