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My 2nd infancy wrap up Rogue_Trolloc - 22/01/2003 08:26:57 PM

You have just passed through INFANCY. A brief look at your life up to this time shows the following:

Your family life has been:
Positive and nurturant, and as a result you have begun to form the critical bonds that are important during this phase of life.

Physically you have been:
Not a very healthy baby.

Socially, during this phase in life, nothing much is really expected of you. After all, you're still much too young to throw a successful cocktail party, and frankly, anyone who still dribbles on himself probably wouldn't make the ideal dinner guest. However, by now there are some things you should have mastered. Your progress in this area shows:

You have been the type of child who charms the lollipops off people. You have been the type of child who is huggable and gets his cheeks pinched by old ladies with bright red lipstick.

Now, regarding your emotional and personality development...

You are a fairly trustworthy little boy, making your share of exploratory excursions into the world of the unknown and forbidden (the bathroom and under the kitchen sink).

Your folks could trust you in most cases, but when all of the chocolates have one bite taken out of them, it is a fair guess whose teethmarks have made those jagged impressions.

Your Thoughtfulness characteristic really doesn't count for much in this module. Most children often find themselves at the mercy of their whims and impulses. You are allowed to be cranky now. People will tolerate it much better than when you are a teen-ager. Then your whining and carrying on will seem more objectionable.

One thing about your character that has a tendency to put people off is your aggressiveness. You are the type of baby who likes to pull on loose pieces of clothing, hair and any bulbous fleshy object that comes within your reach. You are going to have to learn the meaning of "make nice."

Aimless Wanderer
Coiner of the term "point whore"
Meeky's heartless ex-warder
"Narg no hurt"---Narg

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