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Iraqi Oil excalibur - 23/01/2003 11:09:08 PM

Didn't Colin Powell say Yesterday that the Iraqi oilfields would be kept in State for the Iraqi people?

Granted it is only a small concession, but it does countermand the argument that the US is going to war to claim Iraq's oil.

I would go further - before any action is taken I would have an independent body draw up a plan for what is going to happen to the oil fields, and furthermore how the rebuilding of Iraq can be done with the proceeds. You could have an independent company set up to distribute and control production of Iraqi oil. Profits can then fund the regeneration of the country. You would have to control the production for simply to just dump all the Iraqi oil on the market would be bad for prices and economies all over the world - a controlled release.

Basically this independent country (not the UN as I don’t rate them as being competent in this matter) would run the fields and create the profits. These could then be given to an administrative body (organised by the UN possibly) whose responsibility it would be to rebuild Iraq, and put in place the democratic structures needed to build a stable, workable democracy.

That to me seems the best way forward. I’m wondering would the people of wotmania agree that this is a way forward which would prove that the US / UK are not after Iraq’s oil?

The problems I see at the moment are basically that the UN would have to accept that war could happen – to do it after the event would make it rushed and less effective as essentially UN and other countries input would be ignored. Euro-liberals and others do not seem prepared even to do that, but instead second guessing the weapons inspectors. If bilateral action is taken (well it’s going to be mainly bilateral whatever, but bilateral without support) then this would seriously screw up this idea as the US and UK would in no way then turn to the UN to run the government and any oilfield controlling company would be full of Brits and Americans which even if it were neutral would give the appearance of being biased.

Anyway it was just an idea I had feel free to pull it to pieces …

Aviendha's Englishman

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