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Arsenal do have a lot fo youngsters coming through excalibur - 26/04/2004 08:46:14 AM

Sadly, Birmingham seem to have dropped out of the running - a good season for us all the same though. I hope it's not Villa, but they seem to be the form team now - they were at the bottom before Christma. Liverpool still seem to be a bit of a mess despite beating United, they are reported to have £30 million to spend this summer - how well do you htink it will be spent?

That depends whose in charge and where we finish. Houllier has made a few good buys. Most of the people he has bught have been shyte. It's very hit and miss.

I have to admit I think Houllier has lost it big style. Ever since he has coming back from the heart op he has not been the same manager. He deserves the credit for putting his health at risk for the club, but since then Liverpool have degraded at an alarming rate. We still have the same players that finished second and came reasonably close to winning the league - they are still good players the primary issue is tactics. I'm not saying we don't have some poor players - Biscan and Traore should never wear a Liverpool shirt again.

I would like to see Martin O'Neil come, but it may be difficult to prise him away from Celtic. And by all accounts it seems as though Houllier won't go at the end of the season anyway. Then again if we win our last three games we get 4th spot. If you'd have offered me fourth at the beginning of the season and told me the injuries we'd have had I would have taken it, but the performances have been dire this season with one or two exceptions and that's what hurts the most.

I seem to have gotten a little off track . Ummm. Not sure. But there are lots of factors - I will give you a more complete answer nearer the team, when the positions are nearer to being known

Aviendha's Englishman

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