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Hyypia was a good buy too. excalibur - 26/04/2004 12:10:30 PM

Even ahead of Hyypia? But I think that Kewell has got all the talent he needs to become a great signing. The team is just to defensive, Owen looks lost a lot of the time, or at least when I've seen them play.

But he has only been half the player he was this season. Mostly because he seems to have to make up for the shortfalls of those around him. Kewell on the otehr hand we almost paid twenty million for, so to get him for five is an absolute bargain.

Owen's problem at the moment is that Houllier thinks he is a target man, when clearly he isn't. He needs to play off someone and needs the ball played in front of him, not make him come and get the ball or hold it up, yet Houllier this season has persisted in playing 4-5-1. Owen is ten times the player when Heskey or Baros is up front with him.

As for defensive - I think that is a bit unfair. It is though consistently levelled at Liverpool so perhaps I am wrong. We certainly were defensive, but this season (and last) compared to what we were on the three cup season we are ultra attacking - if you look at shots on goal and chances created Liverpool are second in the table I think. The problem is the defence is incredibly leaky, and though we have created chances we simply have not been clinical enough (mostly because the chances created people don't know where they are supposed to be or their team mates so they pick the wrong option). Liverpool sometimes run out of ideas too, particularly at home. Just seems they are clueless as to how to break some teams down - it all comes back to the tactics again.

Indeed, Spurs are a good example of the trouble with doing that

Exactly. I can't think of a time when a Director of Football has worked. It just undermines the manager.

I agree with you here, if he wants to achieve more, and I think he does, Liverpool would be the ideal move for him at present. Celtic are unlikely to give him a lot of money and he has Larsson to replace currently as well as the probelm of attracting big players to Scotland...not a problem Liverpool have.

Not only that but a lot of his players are getting quite old - Sutton, Thompson, Lennon. He may want the challenge of rebuilding the team (but then he can do that at Liverpool too), but his chances are limited there. I believe he has said he would return to the Premiership for a big club. He seems the ideal choice to me - I'm fairly confident that if Liverpool persued him he would come.

Aviendha's Englishman

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