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"The Message" aka "Mohammad, Messenger of God" w/ Anthony Quinn aerocontrols - 27/04/2004 01:44:12 AM

I read part of The Satanic Verses last winter before being distracted and I did see where some would take offense. But fatwas are a totally different matter.

To quote Mr. T: I pity da fool who makes a movie based on Mohammed's life

Because it is against Islam to portray an image of Mohammad or close members of his family, the entire movie was filmed from the point of view (edit: This is not exactly correct - there are scenes from Mo's point of view, just no scenes where you see him or you hear him. Like the scenes where Jason is stalking campers at Crystal lake, only without the hockey mask holes) of one of his uncles (Anthony Quinn). He has 'conversations' with Mohammad where we cannot hear Mo's voice. So it goes like this:

Quinn: So where should we go now?

Mohammad speaks (a few moments of silence)

Quinn: To the Valley, you say? Well then, off we go.

Still a pretty good movie, but you know... how freaking silly. By the way, (I'm pretty sure you know this, but others will read this post) it's also unIslamic to portray images of Jesus or Moses, but Islamic countries have made an exception (in some cases by law, in some cases by looking the other way) for "The Passion" because it shows just how bad those darn Jews are.


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Message, The (1976)

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Message, The (1976)
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