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Can Christians be human too? coltaines 7th - 27/04/2004 05:59:21 PM

I was just wondering if Christians could be humans too? It's not like when you become a Christian that you miraculously stop sinning. I'll be the first to admit that I sin on a constant basis, I go back on almost every one of my beliefs sometime during the day, be it looking at girls, lying, hating someone, cussing and the list goes on but that is why I need the forgiveness that only Christianity offers. At least Christians are able to stand up speak their view points and not back down, people in today's society are way to wishy-washy, "whatever is true for you is true for you." If it says in the Bible that through Jesus is the only way into heaven, how could true Christians morally sit by and not stand up and tell everyone about it? No there is one and only one truth, yes that may sound a little pompous but what is so wrong about that?

The people protesting the movie are dumb since the book is and was written as fiction. They should not be so worried on whether or not this movie makes it as a movie but that everyone knows that it is fiction.

Well that is my two cents, that is what I believe, if I offended you, well that is just too bad.

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