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My Gymcapades make me wonder. Alfheim - 28/04/2004 09:44:25 PM

Firstly, by 'gymcapades' take care not to be misled into believing there are any similarities to the Icecapades. But simply escapades. Escapades which occur, wonder of wonders, in a gym.

I was at the gym today doing exercise, and no, nothing exciting happened. Nothing even overly interesting. But I did see a rather attractive gal in front of me on the elliptical machine. Lads of Wotmania, do you too find it sexy when a pretty woman (like the movie!) is exercising at the gym, with her mouth slightly open, breathing a little heavily, and is a bit sweaty? Tis erotic, no? Or yes? Especially since you move to the rowing machine directly behind her, and get to watch her butt, but not overly so since you're definitely not a pervy male or anything. And again especially since she later gets off the machine, turns around, tosses her hair, and smiles at you before walking off to get a drink.

Well, The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together.
Love Shack bab-ee!
Love Shack, that's where it's at! Love Shack, that's where it's at!

In other news, we return to Alf. Alf? Thanks Alf. So, how many of you Wotmaniacs actively or regularly exercise? Do you have any sort of regime you often follow? Guys, do you take any protein shakes, or supplements, or creatine, etc? How have these things worked for you? <insert Jack-esque comment about resultant shrunken penii> I drink protein shakes, but nothing else in those regards. Those of you who don't exercise: Why not? Can you not motivate yourself? Do you think you don't need it? Lazy?

All: What is your preferred method of exercise? <insert typical male response of "Sex!"> Have you found any particular sport or exercise useful for working a particular area of the body? Suggestions? Should I list some useful exercises and positions sometime for the active Wotmaniac?

In other words, I've begun my summer exercise programme, and I'm interested in others' opinions etc on the issue. But I didn't put it under Survey because, well, I don't like that category. Plus, just discussion can occur, as the questions are not totally set-out.

On an island where no one lives,
We build a treehouse together.


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