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You're still thinking like a Westerner SilverWarder - 15/04/2004 09:56:24 AM

and they aren't. Period.

And it may very well cause greater bloodshed as well as sow poor roots for a 'free' Iraq. It also negatively reinforces vehement anti-americanism in the one place it was supposed to do the opposite (how far do you think the insurgents can and will take this hate?). Furthermore, they deserve better than iron fist (unless you wish to send Saddam back?).

I think the insurgents are better off dead. And if they keep it up eventually they will be.

Edit: To reiterate, they may accept oppression from an Iraqi tyrant but that "rule" won't work so easily if they see themselves as being bullied by a foreign power.

That's a Western attitude - not a muslim one. To a Sunni, another Iraqi Shiite IS a 'foreign power' and a nasty one at that. Much nastier than any Western force. Same for Kurds.

Iraq is NOT one country or one culture. It's a mess different ones. That was all under the lid when Saddam ruled because if you made a fuss you and your whole family died. That's how he kept the lid on. How would Saddam deal with an uprising like the current one? Flatten the entire city. Mosques and all. Or gas it to prevent having to blow up the mosques.

Iraquis aren't Westerners. That's the mistake everyone's making here (the Coalition too). They're Arabs and need to be dealt with like Arabs.

al - Sadr? He's just another wannabe Ayatollah or Saddam. He figures he can parlay his private army into a position of power and launch a coup when the US is gone. Saddam would have crushed him like a bug and, in this case, he'd be right. We should too.

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