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Re: Iraqi Hopes Monotonous Mantra - 16/04/2004 02:30:44 PM

I suppose that depends on your definition of "mass" (and mass was not a term I used either).

I used the term "mass slaughter" because the other form of infighting (i.e. isolated incidents) are not a case basis for any form of action by the international community or any coalition.

They have been killing one another as long as there have been Sunnis and Shiites. Well over a thousand years. Perhaps that doesn't qualify as a long long time for you?

And men ahve killed each other since the beginning of their existence. Sunnis and Shias have coexisted far longer and share a common history. You overemphasise the prominence of radicalism in the bigger picture.

Before that both sides were killing the Parsis.

To quote you:

"Sorry - either I misspoke or you mistook me. I did not mean to imply that anyone (other than the Kurds) wants a separate state. The Shiites and Sunnis don't want separate states from each other (although there have been activists who have suggested it in the past) - they just each want to be the one running the show so they can abuse and/or kill the others. Nice."

You have indicated that you thought that the Bush administration and allies stated the wrong reasons for going to war and that you believe in "getting rid of scumbags". If you believe (and I do not agree with your standardisation of extremities) the above paragraph, why and how did you believe that Iraq could be 'saved'?

I'm done with this thread. Your mind is clearly made up so there is no point in discussion.

It is you who has made up your mind. I'll restate and clarify, I do not believe a black and white approach (note that the contention that an "iron fist" was needed to solve the situation that provoked this argument) is representative of the bigger picture and the possible fallout could be disasterous. Furthermore, it would not be fair to the Iraqis, would set a poor basis for a 'free' Iraq and (further, IMHO) violate the alleged intents and purposes of the coalition in Iraq.

Bear in mind that this discussion was complete speculation sparked by the possible use of an 'iron fist' (Iraq is in lockdown now as it is - how much more 'iron fist' do you propose they use?).

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