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This is a very good book. Jacob Send a noteboard - 19/05/2010 03:04:31 PM
The story is dated in a couple ways, but it remains a powerful read. I enjoyed how the novel was constructed, pieced together through a series of shorter segments that moved through time. The end result was a bunch of interesting characters, situations, and ultimately a critical discussion on human politics, human nature, religion, and many other things.

In future generations, like Tom mentioned, the story will become less accessible as we are removed further and further from the specific politics of the time when the novel was written. However, the book is focused on universal human themes that will probably always resonate. What will become less understandable the strong rooting of this story in a real political, cultural, and social moment. Of course, this will also be a book that can communicate the fear, the hope, the futility, that gripped especially the USA during the early Cold War.
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This is a very good book. - 19/05/2010 03:04:31 PM 1286 Views

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