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Well, I tend to agree with you in part. I disagree with you too. Jacob Send a noteboard - 08/06/2010 06:36:24 PM
I agree that general, mediocre type post-apocalyptic fiction, monster or no monster, is typically not very good or terribly imaginative.

I disagree with your conclusion in the broad stroke dismissal of all apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fiction. Good post-apocalyptic fiction, and I mean the stuff that has a message and intent driving the narrative, isn't so much about "You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!" No, great P-A fiction acknowledges the all too real fact that humans have a great capacity to destroy, and the institutions humans make have an even greater capacity to destroy. That fiction is about calling attention, imagining the possibilities of failure, of the loss of things we care about, should care about. It gives us space to imagine, fully aware that we as a race HAVE to WORK at it, to truly work to create a future for humanity that just might be more than today. The fiction recognizes fears, dangers, paranoia prevalent in society, and lets it out in a voice that has something to say.

Truthfully these days most things don't strike a deep intellectual note. Many are alarmist. Most don't age well. But, just because the goods ones don't engage you, or you find the ideas to be depressing, doesn't make the entire sub-genre devoid of quality, imagination, or something intellectually interesting to say.

Then, there is this novel. This is a good story. This is the kind of story that got most people interested in reading back when they were kids... something to get taken up into, entertaining, engrossing. This book isn't trying to force you into a conversation, though it has a few interesting world developments that cause one to consider a bit (though this is before the apocalypse event in a book). This book is a good read. That is why I call the book a fantasy novel... because it is one. The setting of the world is just out of the remains of a near-future version of our own. If you don't want to pick up a book that doesn't challenge your intellect all the way through, or just read for the pure pleasure of reading, this isn't a book for you. It is well written, well plotted, with good characterization. It is an epic fantasy novel set, for the most part, a little over a 100 years from now, with little in what can be called 'real' magic.

Oh, and if it makes you feel better about it, Greg, I get a feeling that North America is the only place truly impacted. There are just a few hints and clues about that. Still, it seems the US military managed to mess up, destroy themselves, and probably their neighbors, but the rest of the world went on without it. So, you see, there is hope. :P
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picked it up yesterday, i've liked the books you talk about, and my girlfriend is into vamps. *NM* - 13/06/2010 05:00:02 PM 979 Views
Probably not these kind of vamps. - 14/06/2010 03:37:22 PM 1502 Views

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