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Yeah, I think it's safe to say some of those words would give even native speakers pause. Legolas Send a noteboard - 21/01/2011 06:37:02 PM
I was stunned at how difficult it was to read in the beginning. I looked up so many words in the first fifty pages, however, that I think I would be hard pressed to find words in a standard French-English dictionary that I don't know now. After that, I could just read the book and enjoy it.

Yeah... I mentioned in my Rois Maudits review that there was some difficult vocabulary, and I'm afraid you may still have to look up some words when reading that, as his obscure vocabulary runs in different directions than Flaubert's, but on the whole his vocabulary is easier than Flaubert's.
Perhaps I was looking for signals as I had read the book in English previously, but I thought I saw more of Homais' baseness earlier on. In fact, I'm almost certain it was because I had read the book before - the first time I read it I liked him most of the way through the book even though he seemed like a bit of a doofus.

I imagine that would make a difference, indeed. He's set up as a pompous guy who likes to show off from the start, but the incredible callousness he displays later on is something else entirely.
I also enjoyed the way Emma went back to the Swiss guy at the church when she needed money.

True. On the topic of the money, do you figure Flaubert intentionally made that sound as confusing as it did, or is it just a matter of modern readers not being used to the way they handled things back then and not knowing the exact definitions of the financial terms? Because I for one got lost very fast trying to keep track of how much she owed, and some of the operations that were described really made very little sense to me.
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