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Re: Ambitious. Camilla Send a noteboard - 25/01/2011 06:20:12 PM
I decided to plunge in and start Les Misérables. I have never actually read the book and am familiar with the themes solely as the result of having been dragged to the Broadway musical. After 50 pages that breezed by (I only had to look up one word) with a simple, unobstructed prose that reminds me of Tolstoy's Russian, I am enjoying the book so far. Of course, it's 1500 pages so it's going to take a while.

I've never read that one, either. Somehow it's never really appealed to me much - the length, the depressing content - but I suppose at some point I should read it.

After that I'm thinking of reading something by Molière or Sartre (probably Tartuffe or La Nausée). By that time I'm hoping that my German will be refreshed enough to read Kafka or Schnitzler and so that will be my "challenge" reading, whereas Druon will be for fun. I think that a solid year of French reading is needed to make sure my vocabulary doesn't slip again (and I'm going to do the same with German).

Tartuffe, or Molière's work in general really, is something else I've not read but don't seem to have too much interest in reading. No doubt I'm doing it an injustice, but I'd rather read more Racine.

Reading Kafka in German is not a bad idea, though... I do want to read more in German, it's just most German classics seem so tiresome. But I might read Kafka.

You should read Benjamin and Nietzsche and Mann.
They make me want to learn German. So if you already know it, you should profit.
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