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Hm. I think maybe it's because you've read the book before, as Tom admitted. Legolas Send a noteboard - 25/01/2011 09:40:36 PM
I thought the opposite. I found that after setting up all the dominoes, he just set them in motion. It might seem overly quick compared to the previous hundreds of pages of buildup, but it didn't feel rushed at all to me. As for the head beating, I thought that after subtly portraying the baseness of these characters that it was fitting to see these snakes as they slithered out of their dens when Emma became entrapped. It was quick, sudden, and yet totally in character with what we saw of the characters.

Lheureux and Rodolphe, certainly, those are clearly untrustworthy from the start. But Homais and the priest? I didn't see those levels of callousness and baseness in them until the ending, they were merely pompous and a bit egocentric. But of course, if you know how it ends, you might read them differently.

And then the final sentences about little Berthe, that was just too much. :P Poor thing.
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