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anti science mindset in fantasy? dacole Send a noteboard - 31/07/2011 07:32:16 PM
So this has been building in me for awhile years actually ever sense noticing the Luddite tendencies in lord of the rings. Why does fantasy have such an anti realist and anti science mindset? Example A Harry Potter. Great for a long while in that the magic had rules and though the rules were outside science it had rules and it allowed there was reality and not reality...than we got the great quote in the final book.

"Of course this is happening in your head but why on earth should that mean it isn't real?" Um what the heck? Something is either real and happening OUTSIDE your head and exists outside of you, or it is happening inside your head is NOT REAL, and wouldn't exist without you. To put it in terms of the novel. Either Dumbeldore exists now in some sort of heaven in reality or he doesn't. You can't have it both ways. Either God exists outside of human conception in some PHYSICAL form or it is just an idea we have made up and thus ISN'T REAL.

Example 2

I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with Susan Coopers works. As a young adult fantasy author I would call her one of the best. Certainly one of the few genre authors to win literary awards. The author of the post seems to have issue with them having to forget what they experienced and having to deal with grief, except for mild nagging in the back of the brain, in the real world. Um, this was done on purpose to show the readers that you DON'T NEED this kind of fantasy crutch to survive grief. The characters in the book, just like the readers, are quite capable of dealing with real life in real life with only a nagging memory of the truths in the book. The same kind of nagging truth READING the book will give the readers. Rather than saying to the readers you need a non-real fantasy mirage to deal with real life it shows that you can deal with real life without one. It teaches it's readers to grow up and live in the real morally grey and not pretty world rather than escaping from it. Something good books and good fantasy should do.

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