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personally, I've always seen SF as a sub genre of Fantasy imlad Send a noteboard - 03/08/2011 07:02:02 AM
Fantasy is the umbrella genre that includes sword and sorcery type stuff (classic fantasy concept), horror (the kind that involves the supernatural) and science fiction. As well as all the other little off shoot sub genres (space opera, urban fantasy, etc).

Science is not technology. Science is not test tubes and a lab coat.

Science is a methodical testing of a hypothesis, designed to withstand analysis, scrutiny, prevent bias, and eventually come to a conclusion regarding said hypothesis. Science is experimentation, trial and error, and investigation.

While this is not usually directly investigated in fantasy novels, that doesn't mean it's absent. In the Harry Potter-verse, there are entire sections of the Ministries that are devoted to investigating and experimenting with new ways to use magic. That's science. Mr. Weasly's experiments with combining Muggle technology and Magic. That is science.

Now, if what you mean is "why is fantasy so anti-technology?", that's an entirely different cup of tea. I think that stems from a certain degree of escapism (we have to wrestle with computers in our daily lives, why do we want to read about a character struggling with a BSOD?), misplaced nostalgia for days of yore where people had honor! chivalry! and people worked by the sweat of their brow with the dirt on their hands!! And the reference time periods where that sort of technology and mindset is present ALSO have kind of a problem with new things, technology, etc...etc... And a lot of people don't want to cloud their dragons, knights in shining armor, wizards and magic with technology. That could be really cool, but it may ruin some of their plot points. After all, it does defeat the purpose of a gallant charge at a mighty giant if you can just mow it down with a machine gun. I mean, how boring would Lord of the Rings be if Frodo could hop in a plane to Mordor? ONE DOES NOT JUST SPACESHIP INTO MORDOR!!!

I must also point out, that most of the time when something starts to include technology...It's suddenly classified as Science Fiction!!! You're creating the problem you mention via labeling. It's not that fantasy is's just that if it involves technology, it's re-classified!

Think about it. Thematically, is Star Wars a fantasy, or a science fiction? It's really closer to fantasy. You have your Naive Farm Boy, your Wily Rogue, your Damsel in Distress, all trying to kill the Big Bad Evil Empire. He achieves this by training with the Old Wise "Wizard", who tells him he is going to fast and needs to slow down and focus on his training! I mean, come on, need I go on? But because it involves spaceships, aliens and lasers, it's classed as science fiction. I think if you broke it down, you'd find a lot of technophilic fantasy novels. You'd just find them under the "science fiction" heading. You just need to change the way you look at the genres. Contrast Star Wars with, say, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and I think you'll understand what I'm trying to say.
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