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You know Voldemort was still immortal at this point, yes? And that Dumbledore knew this and that's why he didn't seek to kill him?

Okay, I didn't think of that. Still, being shot at would have been a bit of a distraction, allowing Dumble-man to have the upper hand. And it still would have worked in the last movie.

I'm pretty sure a basic shield spell is more than enough for bullets.

I figured the sorts of shield spells these wizards would be using were geared towards protecting them from arcane forces, not something so mundane and MUGGLE-like as a bullet. With his disdain for all things muggle, why would he expect bullets? Arrogance is almost always the biggest flaw these sorts of villains have. Look at the Empire in the Star Wars series. Do you think they were concerned about the Ewoks? They had a technological advantage over those primitive little critters, so why worry? Voldemort & Co. were convinced of their superiority because they had powerful mojo, so why would they be concerned at all with something that wasn't magical? I really don't think their spells would take into account anything non-magical when they went up to against a bunch of wizardlings and witchlings in a fight. Why would they?

(I admit, I don't know if the books talked about how these sorts of spells work, so I could be wrong).
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