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Re: I ADORE these books. Myrdhyn Send a noteboard - 19/09/2011 07:39:28 PM
I read these books probably a dozen times when I was little. I even recall going back, for nostalgia sake, and reading them again while I was in college.

I haven't thought about them in years, but now I must find and spend an afternoon reading them :P Which actually is great timing because I've been on a "read childhood nostalgia books" thing lately anyway (been reading Eddings).

Sounds fun! I actually dug around on Google a bit and found some pdfs, which probably makes me a bad person, but there you have it. :( I was unable to find the "revised" copy of the last book though, which made me sad. But that's what I get, I suppose.

Truthfully that's what I've had to do with the *some* of the Eddings stuff I've been reading, just haven't been able to find them :\ (yeah i'm a bad person also). The upside is, I run them through Calibre, convert them to an ebook format and toss them on my kindle and it rocks :P
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