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My dad j-whitt987 Send a noteboard - 16/11/2011 12:10:47 AM
I have been reading long enough to get in trouble in the first grade for reading when I was supposed to be watching TV with the class (the show was Reading Rainbow). Not sure how the teacher thought that was something that I should be punished for. I'm not sure who was encouraging me to read before then, but my dad was the one that got me started reading novels.

He brought home two novels for my brother and myself when I was about 7 or 8. The two books were "Star Trek: Avenger" and "Star Wars: Rebel Dawn." when my brother wasn't interested in either of them I took them both and have read each of them at least a half dozen times.

He also introduced me to fantasy novels. When "LotR: tFotR" was about to hit theaters, he bought the books and said he would only take my brother and I if we read the book before hand. A few months later he got "tEotW" from a friend and since I had finished "LotR" and loved it he passed it to me when he was done. I've been reading fantasy ever since.
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