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Hmm. *spoilers* rebelaessedai Send a noteboard - 14/08/2012 11:42:37 PM
I didn't think Mockingjay was that much darker than the other two books. They all had their moments. Mockingjay was just in the streets, and people we cared about died, instead of just strangers.
Honestly, I thought the funniest moment of the series came in the third book, when Katniss turns to shoot the president instead of Snow (that was his name, wasn't it?) who then laughs his ass off. Because hey, it's funny.
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NB: I would recommend editing the review to note that panem is an accusative singular. - 09/08/2012 01:05:59 AM 1310 Views
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That actually makes me much more interested in the trilogy - 10/08/2012 03:41:48 AM 1276 Views
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