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Yes, and yes, all of it is awesome. Tell me. Aeryn Send a noteboard - 18/04/2013 10:34:06 PM

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View original postI recently finished book 2 of Robin Hobb's Assassin trilogy. I'd previously read the Liveship Traders trilogy, and I already have all the rest. And I will read them. But I need to know now - what is the Forging? If you've read the books and you know, can you please tell me? This will in no way ruin my enjoyment of the books.

View original postAlso, was the 2nd book as awesome as I said, or what?

I've gleaned from various reviews/discussions what the Elderlings are, but not about the Forging. Yes, please spoil. I will read the series shortly, but this will at least keep me from skimming to find out, which would ruin it more.

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