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I was hoping it would prevent a situation where I stay up till 4am on a work night reading the book, but sadly, it didn't. I still rushed to the end. The way you described it, I went huh, that doesn't feel very satisfying. But reading the book, it was very good.

I still don't really buy that the Raiders kept on to the memory of events 200 years ago. All the people who would have remembered were long dead. I'm not satisfied with that explanation. Why would they suddenly start attacking? Why such a disregard for their own lives? The Raiders were portrayed as semi Forged themselves, uniformly devoid of any compassion or normal human considerations. So I still wish there was a better explanation. And the white ghost ship which only Fitz could see? Granted,I did ski the end and will be retreading it to see what I missed, and maybe more is explained in subsequent books, but still.

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View original postI recently finished book 2 of Robin Hobb's Assassin trilogy. I'd previously read the Liveship Traders trilogy, and I already have all the rest. And I will read them. But I need to know now - what is the Forging? If you've read the books and you know, can you please tell me? This will in no way ruin my enjoyment of the books.

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View original postAlso, was the 2nd book as awesome as I said, or what?

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View original postI've gleaned from various reviews/discussions what the Elderlings are, but not about the Forging. Yes, please spoil. I will read the series shortly, but this will at least keep me from skimming to find out, which would ruin it more.

View original postAs you will see at the end of the 3rd book, there is a type of skill-stone that absorbs the memories and essences of skill users. A coterie of skill users go to where Verity went and sculpt dragons from the stone and are absorbed into the stone once they finish it, bringing the stone dragon to life. These are the dragons of legend. Well, if a person touches the stone long enough but not to the point they are absorbed, they are left in nothing but a shell, no memories and no essence of life. This is what the pirates do to people they forge. They have a block of this stone in one of the ships. The ironic thing is that the skill dragons were created to combat the pirates, but the dragons who flew over the pirates forged them on accident by force of their beings. So the pirates are seeking revenge by forging Fitz's people (forgot the name of the kingdom) which in turn will lead to unleashing the dragons see the vicious circle.

View original postOh, and the pirates have a block of that stone thanks to a character you will meet in the 3rd series

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