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True, I have no children of my own Larry Send a noteboard - 18/02/2017 01:33:15 PM

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I went from reading 2-3 books a week to a hardly reading a book a month. Part of it is time and being tired and part of it is I find it hard to find a book that really catches my interest like they used to. I think that is a little bit me and little bit that scfi was always my favorite and hardly anyone writing it understands science. It being scfi is no excuse for huge plot holes and ignoring physics, you can violate physics but you can't ignore it.

Part of the problem is I tend to fall asleep about 15 min after I start reading Same thing happens with movies.

I have been listening to audiobooks lately. I have an hour commute in both directions so it is nice use of the time and I find I enjoy it almost as much as reading even if I probably don't follow the stories as close. At least I know how to pronounce the names.

I have roughly the same drive time, but that's for listening to music, as that is something that has always been extremely important to me. I've tried a few audiobooks and while the narrators were decent enough, I just don't have the focus necessary to just listen to something like that for hours or even anything more than 10 minutes at a time (same problem with podcasts).

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