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Well, that's 11 more novels than me for the year Larry Send a noteboard - 05/03/2017 10:27:39 PM

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I'm on my 11th novel of 2017 (it wasn't a resolution; I just happened to be on a long train journey with nothing to do early in January). Before that, I probably had read 11 over the past three or four years total.

I still read - online essays and articles and such. But not fiction novels, with a few exceptions.

I didn't like it, but I think, looking back, I just never felt settled in my life during that time. I was moving between cities and countries, switching jobs, starting my career, worrying about money and such things...I'm only now getting back to some semblance of a settled life. I'm not sure if there was a direct correlation, but it feels like a good narrative anyway.

Yeah, travel can do that to a person. I want to say that when I moved states back in 2003 that I didn't read much until 2006, but that was also a time where I temporarily switched careers as well.

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