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Blackberry Browser has issues with RaFo.

Reported by: j-whitt987

Type: Bug

Status: New

Created: 10/11/2010 02:42:42 PM

I use my BB to look through the site while I'm without home internet and BB Browser won't keep me logged in. I have cookies enabled and most other sites keep me logged in. RaFo is the main one that it won't work properly with. Also I can't vote on quickpoll for some reason. I never have a problem with a computer so I'm assuming it's another BB Browser issue. Thanks.
The BB Browser is notoriously weak..
You might want to try the Bolt Browser or Opera Mini.. or you could wait for the BB 6 operating system upgrade, if your device is compatible. It will have a new Webkit browser that should be much nicer.
same thing on Android
Froyo 1.x, 2.x default

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