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Re: Arrgh, I want a dog! Morgawse Send a noteboard - 16/02/2012 02:23:36 PM
The thought keeps sticking with me - I really want a dog. I have had them my whole life, in some way or another (at home while I was at college, roommate owned some after school, etc).

It occurred to me that I don't know what kind of pets any of YOU have, other than a few exceptions.

Who has what?

We have rats. Three, currently, although numbers vary up and down. They don't live long, sadly, hence the 'down', and as I have a tendency to give them as much space as possible there's usually room in the cages for one/two/three more which leads to the 'up' as people go 'my friend's sister's neighbour has a rat and he doesn't want it any more, can you take it?'. I'm a complete soft touch, can't say no, so they move in....
Is that your favorite type of pet?

I can't imagine not having rats now. They're such clever and affectionate small creatures.
I'd like other animals some day too, I'd love a dog, bunnies and (maybe, some far off day) a horse. Haven't got the room at the moment though.
Did you adopt a stray/shelter pet? Or buy from a breeder?

Our first rats came from a pet shop. I won't judge anyone who gets their rats from there, I've done it since albeit feeling guilty, but I prefer not to now. Small animals in pet shops, especially in the big chains, tend to come from rodent farms or backyard breeders. They're often (not always, but often) poorly socialised, bred indiscriminately without consideration for a healthy line or genetic defects, and kept in poor conditions. (I am aware mine are thoroughly spoiled, and I wouldn't expect a shop to do the same, but enough room to stand up, appropriate temperature, somewhere to hide from children poking them, and sufficient food and water should be the absolute minimum).

Of our current three, two came from rescue (they were handed in by someone who bred them to be snakefood and couldn't go through with it), and one used to belong to my friend - she was the last left out of a trio of cagemates and my friend didn't want to continue having rats, so ratty came to me to live with mine so she wouldn't be lonely. Have also gone to breeders in the past, but I don't currently have any breeder babies. Am resisting the urge to go on a waiting list for a breeder I know who breeds gorgeous, friendly rats, though...
What is your pet's name?

The boys (neutered, there will be no gazillions of tiny rat babies here...) are Stanley and Bailey. Their ladyfriend (who mostly uses them for pillows, and as food delivery devices - they fetch it, she steals it) is called Willow. I didn't name them, those are the names they had when we adopted them.
Is it a good pet?

They are very good pets. They are completely tame, affectionate, and smart. They want your attention, and they love to come out of the cage to play. In 8 years of rat keeping, I've only been bitten once, and that was mostly my own fault.
This is going to be a horrible question, but: would you make a different decision now?

Not in a million years.

Mornings are still not for me.
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