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S&M: The Real Reason Congress and Wall Street Get Along So Badly. Joel Send a noteboard - 16/02/2012 09:06:46 PM
I get it now: They are in bed together, but it is EXTREMELY angry sex. A Political Wire blurb that has a couple amusing/shameful videos:

Political Intelligence?

Jon Stewart devoted his show to insider trading -- which is illegal, unless members of Congress do it in which case it's simply "honest graft."

Mahtaliel had a good take on it: Trading on inside regulatory information is illegal EXCEPT for people in the best position to do it. It is like saying, "robbing banks is illegal—unless you happen to work for one. Pedophilia is illegal—unless you teach kindergarten." Perhaps that explains Nidal Hasan; terrorism against the US government is illegal—unless you are in the US Army?
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S&M: The Real Reason Congress and Wall Street Get Along So Badly. - 16/02/2012 09:06:46 PM 594 Views
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