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If they did that, I would actually watch. Darth_Katie Send a noteboard - 31/08/2012 04:18:06 PM
since these things are all so scripted to begin with, have the speakers submit their scripts to the major news outlets who will be broadcasting the conventions. these networks then run fact checkers on all the talking points in each speech and put up a small blurb with the actual truth each candidate is trying to twist to support their platform. we all already know each candidate is trying to twist and spin the facts to portray their opponents as something other than what they are, let's have their words thrown back at them in real time coverage too! :D

That's pretty much the reason I don't watch that kind of stuff, it's 95% propaganda and lies.
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If they did that, I would actually watch. - 31/08/2012 04:18:06 PM 575 Views
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