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us Yanks need help picking our EPL football (soccer) teams! imlad Send a noteboard - 19/08/2013 08:51:42 PM

So any advice from those who have been following Premier League football for some time now?

Personally I'd like a team that has a decent record, a cool uniform (kit?) and a rowdy crowd with tons of songs and chants and loves to brawl. Don't think I could go for a powerhouse name like Manchester United because I get the impression that EVERYONE not a fan of the club absolutely HATES the club.

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us Yanks need help picking our EPL football (soccer) teams! - 19/08/2013 08:51:42 PM 746 Views
Any of the London teams would do. - 19/08/2013 09:26:14 PM 466 Views
Yes, us do. - 19/08/2013 10:09:38 PM 472 Views
There is nothing wrong with rooting for United. - 19/08/2013 11:09:19 PM 511 Views
Liverpool *NM* - 20/08/2013 02:54:42 AM 178 Views
Arsenal - 20/08/2013 02:51:32 PM 513 Views
The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in. *NM* - 20/08/2013 10:22:15 PM 313 Views
What does "walk it in" mean? *NM* - 21/08/2013 02:55:00 PM 181 Views
It means walk the ball over the goal line - 22/08/2013 12:41:36 AM 509 Views
That depends. Do you actually want your team to have any success? - 22/08/2013 12:54:06 AM 499 Views

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