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Anyone else find this linked website offensive? imlad Send a noteboard - 21/12/2009 06:44:46 PM
Last week I learned that a friend of mine had committed suicide. Jeremy had moved to Florida from Michigan a year or so ago, ostensibly to get away from the bad drug scene he'd gotten himself hooked into (oxys, coke). The last time I heard from him about 9 months ago he was doing well, cleaned out and working. But he didn't have many friends down there.

Anyways, I found out last week that he had jumped off of a bridge down in FL. When I did a google search for his name I came across the link below.

I had never heard of this site, and I almost can't believe that it exists. I find it disgusting (and I admit that I am prejudiced against it right now as it does in fact talk about my late friend).

Am I just reacting in a completely emotional way? Is there ANY legitimate value to a site like this?

Or is it as disgusting and inappropriate to you as it seems to me?
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Anyone else find this linked website offensive? - 21/12/2009 06:44:46 PM 10861 Views
Not exactly offensive, just gallows humor - 21/12/2009 06:56:49 PM 893 Views
Offensive is so subjective. - 21/12/2009 07:47:30 PM 787 Views
Re: Anyone else find this linked website offensive? - 21/12/2009 08:15:12 PM 803 Views
I can see why friends and family of someone would find it offensive - 22/12/2009 11:35:47 AM 784 Views
I think it is poor taste, classless. I am not easily offended though. *NM* - 22/12/2009 07:00:43 PM 446 Views
thanks for the mention. - 22/12/2009 07:01:41 PM 827 Views

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