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The Guardian really can't be taken seriously random thoughts 03/05/2017 03:10:24 PM 752    
I never caught the high school football bug random thoughts 02/05/2017 01:30:48 PM 774    
There was a Pizza Joint in Houma LA called the Red Fish Pizza that was really good random thoughts 02/05/2017 01:27:48 PM 733    
You probably weren't eating authentic Texmex random thoughts 01/05/2017 07:53:27 PM 766    
There is a difference between keeping running as you age and starting when your old random thoughts 01/05/2017 07:49:07 PM 735    
Eight years in the USMC I ran ask lot of 3-5 miles but nothing longer random thoughts 01/05/2017 07:45:38 PM 759    
football random thoughts 28/04/2017 07:58:10 PM 695    
I still love it only I put back on the sandwidch random thoughts 28/04/2017 07:29:33 PM 457 Yes  
If you don't drink and don't like undressed women Hooters is not for you random thoughts 28/04/2017 07:28:48 PM 795    
my mom buttered both sides of the bread smashed it flat with a spatula random thoughts 28/04/2017 06:48:02 PM 738    
I think you are calling EuroMex TexMex random thoughts 28/04/2017 05:30:00 PM 768    
TEX-Mex does not equal bad Americanized Mexican food random thoughts 28/04/2017 05:27:38 PM 809    
You object to cane sugar in your lemonade? random thoughts 27/04/2017 06:55:26 PM 733    
I expect to the populist/anti-establishment trend to continue random thoughts 25/04/2017 09:24:38 PM 702    
Being old may suck but it beats the alternative. random thoughts 25/04/2017 03:48:53 AM 388 Yes  
Space teddie bears random thoughts 25/04/2017 03:43:34 AM 523 Yes  
ROTJ is the fourth best in the sites but it is a big drop from IV V and 3.5 random thoughts 25/04/2017 03:42:52 AM 482 Yes  
So you enjoyed the weak characters are was it just the pretty? random thoughts 25/04/2017 03:40:19 AM 464 Yes  
I agree with everything you said random thoughts 25/04/2017 03:39:06 AM 759    
I only use it for how to videos and old music videos random thoughts 24/04/2017 01:29:00 PM 396 Yes