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"Many Happy Returns" Joel 30/03/2017 08:28:32 PM 760    
What, AGAIN?! Joel 30/03/2017 06:58:40 PM 732    
Two wrongs do not make a right (even if three lefts do) Joel 28/03/2017 07:40:33 PM 767    
The moral is that the American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation & Romney are not "liberal" Joel 25/03/2017 04:34:15 PM 1051    
Aaaand Ryan/Trumpcare is (officially) toast Joel 24/03/2017 09:56:21 PM 794    
Republican Party Attempts in SINGLE DAY What It Failed to Achieve in SEVEN YEARS Joel 24/03/2017 03:36:19 PM 938    
Oh! Yeah, you have to enter your SSN for that one to record properly Joel 23/03/2017 02:57:25 PM 703    
More than the DNC, less than the KGB Joel 23/03/2017 02:48:58 PM 861    
Yeah, the wife and I tentatively discussed something like that a while back Joel 21/03/2017 07:23:29 PM 998    
All I heard was... Joel 21/03/2017 06:17:24 PM 2063    
Oops, ya got me Joel 21/03/2017 05:56:39 PM 709    
Why not cut out the middle man and just have all the worlds spiders eat all the worlds humans? Joel 21/03/2017 04:28:30 PM 820    
Try driving the length of IL from MO to WI Joel 21/03/2017 02:35:14 PM 673    
Commercial flights have too little altitude and too narrow windows to see Earths curvature Joel 20/03/2017 09:14:32 PM 949    
Nope: Rule #1 is first for a reason Joel 20/03/2017 07:39:33 PM 802    
How did you get put all those WEIRD SPACES in all my comments?! Joel 20/03/2017 07:21:30 PM 861    
MB Help actually does NOT exist Joel 20/03/2017 06:45:06 PM 957    
Whoa, now, you put up the Nature Trail to Hells signposts: I just keep foolishly following them Joel 20/03/2017 05:51:55 PM 655    
Actually, no, and googling it nearly ruined my dinner Joel 20/03/2017 02:28:26 PM 832    
Dude: This is SHAQ Joel 20/03/2017 02:00:15 PM 708