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Real name: Anso
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Country: Sweden

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Date joined: Aug. 30, 2009
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(This text is copypasted from Facebook, which is copypasted from Livejournal, which is copypasted from Helgon, which is copypasted from Wotmania)

Hobbies: Painting, backpacking, linguistics, drinking beer, ancient Celtic religion, climbing trees, human culture, books, religion, archaeology, Wales, Welsh, Finnish, mythology, trees and lifeforms.

Sounds very interesting and active, but in reality I basically work, drink and watch Supernatural.

Favourite Music: My Dying Bride, Samael, Cruachan, Big Fish, Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica, Finntroll, Rasputina, Rotting Christ, Tiamat, Dream Theater, Laibach, Switchblade Symphony, Meshuggah etc See

Favourite TV-series:Supernatural, Dark Shadows, How I met your Mother, True Blood, Scrubs, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Chuck, Red Dwarf, Young Ones and Torchwood.

Favourite Films: Attack of the Killertomatoes, Donnie Darko, May, Dude - where's my car, Perfume, Everything Monty Python, Plan Nine from Outern Space, Nosferatu, Gingersnaps, Evil Dead, 70ies b-horrormovies in general

Favourite Books: Kalevala, Master and Margarita by M Bulgakov, Green Eggs And Ham, The Stephanie Plum-series by J Evanovich, The Once and Future King by T H White, Mabinogion, The Gormenghast-series by M Peak, Hitchhiker's Guide by D Adams, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Everything! by M Ende, N Gaiman, Kafka, T Pratchett

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